Welcome to Completing the Call Ministries ….

a non-profit organization with a unique approach to missions.  

We fulfill our part of the Great Commission by partnering people, churches and organizations in the U.S. with people and churches on the front lines in the mission field.  Click “About” to learn more.

                                AND …..

We have a rewarding role “just for you” – utilizing your own unique combination of talents and resources.

 With the internet age, we’ve seen the world become a much smaller place. It’s nothing to email someone in another country or to even make a video phone call. These technological advances have enabled us to get the gospel message to areas that heretofore were virtually inaccessible.

In doing this, we’ve taken traditional missions outside the box. Our innovative methods allow you to become a missionary without leaving your home or your office.

Imagine  having direct impact in the lives of people around the world  in your spare time.  And, receiving timely, direct, and personalized feedback!

Completing the Call gives you the opportunity to get as involved as you are able and would like.

Your Hands … Your Home … Your Mission